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I’m warming up to Python.

The first time that I pondered Python was years ago, back when all you had was Python 2. Then I heard about Python 3 and the schism that formed given that Python 3 made a bold choice to do significant breaking changes.

For the longest…

Sunset in Sanibel.

This is just a short note of encouragement.

A year ago, I realized I was in a place where I could take a year off to re-energize, branch-out, and relish being an ever present Dad to a little boy. It’s been great, and that’s a story in itself.

Now as…


(Note: cheers to the folks I know working at Facebook — this isn’t a slam on Facebook [mrmmm, mostly] but me rather taking time to be present.)

I just finished Facebook-free February. How was it?


I highly recommend anyone taking a month break from their Facebook. And what…

I’m going to start experimenting with posting on Medium. Goals? That I get an understanding of it’s ecosystem plus how it compares to my old WordPress blogs vs. stories on LinkedIn and… Stuff Like That.

I expect it to be messy. With mistakes. Eggs will be broken. Bits will be scrambled.

And that’s great :-)

Eric Richards

Software Developer & Leader, enjoying a break and learning learning learning ;-)

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